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          A Quiz on What Really Counts

Instilling Touchstones of Character

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What Do We Believe About Character Education?

 11 Principles of Effective Character Education

What Works in Character Education

Summing Up the Case for Values Education

Promoting Integrity and Preventing Academic Dishonesty

What Can Schools and Communities Do?

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Code of Ethics for Teachers

How To Teach the Six Pillars of Character

Integrating Character Education Into Your School

Administrator Standards for Character Education

Role of Administrators

Role of Teacher

Role of Other Certified Staff

Role of Support Staff

Role of Students

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Evaluation as a Measurement of Success


Integration Into the Life of a School

100 Ways to Promote Character Education

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Character Building Stories

Readiness Checklist for Schools

Ideas for School Activities and Programs

Connecting Character With State Standards

Moving From Words to Action

School Implementation Rubric

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Matrix of Middle School Activities

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Classroom Strategies to Teach Character and Academics at the Same Time

Integrating CHARACTER COUNTS! at the Secondary Level

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Integrate CHARACTER COUNTS! Into Your Curriculum

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Children's Books That Build Character

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20 Strategies to Help Children Develop Character

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