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“CHARACTER COUNTS! Resource Catalog

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"Character Rocks"
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Activity Books

·         The Best of Character:  Over 500 Character Education Quotes, Student Activities & Ideas for Teachers, Duane E. Hodgin, Ph.D., National Center for Youth Issues, (800)477-8277.

·         Operating Manual for Character Education Programs, Nancy Reed, Character Development Group, (919)967-2139.

·         Lesson Plans for Character Education - Elementary and Secondary Editions, The Master Teacher, (800)453-7461.

·         Good Ideas to Help Young People to Develop Good Character, 1st and 2nd Editions, Character Counts Coalition, (310)306-1868.

·         Kids With Character - Elementary, STARS, (800)477-8277.

·         Character Counts:  Making the Right Moves - Elementary and Middle School, STARS, (800)477-8277.

·         Character Education Activities - 1st and 2nd Editions, K-6, 6-12, Incentives Publications, Nashville, Tennessee.

·         Character Education Connections and Activities for the Home, School and Community, Elementary, Middle and High Schools, (800)453-7461.

·         What Do You Stand For?  Elementary, Middle and High School Activities, (612)338-2068.

·         Teaching Character:  It's Elementary, (603)472-3603

·        Teaching Character, Character Development Group, (919)967-2110.