Ideas For School Activities and Programs

Developing Awareness

Reaching Out, Involvement and Integration

Special Events

  • Host a “Speak No Evil” Day

  • Identify local “person of character” posters with recognition

  • Host a community and school-wide CHARACTER COUNTS! awards program

  • Students present essays, quotations, art, music or drama at city/county government or civic events

  • Host a CHARACTER COUNTS! in sports discussing ethical issues that pertain to sporting events

  • Sponsor a CHARACTER COUNTS! ribbon contest and/or participate in red ribbon week (one week after CHARACTER COUNTS! week)

  • Hold a collection drive (collect examples of people practicing the six pillars)

  • Recognize students with a sticker when seen acting with character.

  • Set up a service club or integrate CHARACTER COUNTS! with student council to sponsor CHARACTER COUNTS! events

  • Conduct a late night or overnight retreat with teens to study ethical behavior and school/community problems

  • Host a speech contest on the pillar of the month

  • Anonymously track positive behaviors during a selected period (passing in the halls/cafeteria behaviors, etc.) Post the results and/or recognize students for good behavior

  • Host a moral courage day when students study world issues such as the Holocaust, World Hunger or Child Abuse

  • Host a seminar on cheating and stealing


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