Skill Building and Curriculum/Proficiency Development

  • Writing assignments evaluate the "character" of characters in novels
  • Re-evaluation of historical figures in light of the six pillars of character
  • Maintain a personal/student portfolio or journal
  • Presentation of ethical challenge with classroom discussion or assignment to demonstrate appropriate ethical actions. (May include role-play, skit, writing assignment or speech)
  • Students collect "personal examples" of ethical emphasis on six pillars or ethical decision making
  • Complete curriculum modules or lessons with special emphasis on six pillars or ethical decision making
  • Weekend, evening or special days dedicated to six pillar/ethical study
  • Students make sample commercials or videos on six pillar interactions
  • Student examples of good character are identified and recognized
  • Invite career minded speakers to discuss ethics in the workplace
  • Develop a resume based only on character traits

Discipline and Responsibility

  • Develop and use a CHARACTER COUNTS! report card
  • Rules posted in each classroom based on six pillars
  • Rules taught and practiced during the first week of school or introduction of CHARACTER COUNTS! discipline program
  • Classroom rules are discussed, then signed by students and/or parent(s)
  • Discipline Referral Forms based on six pillars
  • Behavior Intervention Plan includes portfolio demonstrating improved respect, responsibility, etc.
  • Behavioral consequence includes a project or essay assignment demonstrating the appropriate pillar behavior
  • A rehabilitation plan is developed that focuses on student responsibility for misbehavior and an action plan for improved behavior
  • Examples of good models and discipline are recognized
  • All students sign the Code of Conduct Contract
  • Code of conduct developed and taught for high-risk environments (recess, cafeteria, auditorium, playground, hallways, bus, before and after school)

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