"A teacher affects all eternity. You never know where his influence
-- Henry Adams


Adults' overriding concern about children is not health problems, safety or poverty - topics so often the focus of professional child advocates - but rather character and values.  "The public believes values are a vaccine; if you inoculate teens with them, they will be able to resist the world's many troubles."

T (TEACH): Teach children their character counts. People of character know difference between right and wrong with their actions guided by the pillars.

E (ENFORCE): Instill the pillars by rewarding good behavior while discouraging negative instance with fair and consistent consequences. Demonstrate courage to enforce pillars even when it's tough.

A (ADVOCATE): Encourage children to live up to Six Pillars. Do not be neutral about their importance.

M (MODEL): Set an example; "Preach what we practice."


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