For Character

Ideas for the Teacher


As a teacher, you can develop a close relationship with each student you serve.  You have a powerful impact on him/her that can last a lifetime.  Besides being a role model for each of your students, there are other steps you can take to help students learn and practice the Six Pillars of CHARACTER COUNTS!  They are:


        Display the CHARACTER COUNTS! poster in your classroom teach, enforce, advocate, and model them.


        Be an advocate for each child in your building.  Build a supportive, caring relationship with each child.


        Devote a bulletin board for CHARACTER COUNTS! messages.


        Orient all classroom volunteers to the CHARACTER COUNTS! Program.


        Plan activities for the Pillar of the Month so that students can learn them and understand the meaning of each of them.


        Orient all of your parents to the CHARACTER COUNTS! Program.  Let them know what you are trying to accomplish and what you would like them to reinforce at home.


        Encourage access to at least one other caring adult in the building for each of your students, but especially those at-risk.


        Provide opportunities for service learning for the traits of caring and citizenship.


        Set clear boundaries and expectations for each of your students.


        Use literature to show real models and examples of the Six Pillars.


        Be clear with the students in your classroom about the behavior you expect from them.  If possible, use the language of CHARACTER COUNTS! to teach your students appropriate behaviors.  Act responsibly.  Show respect for the property of others.  A trustworthy person does his/her own work.