For Character

Ideas for the Student


As a student of our school, you have a unique opportunity to become a person of character.  You are learning about the Six Pillars of CHARACTER COUNTS!  Do something each day to practice each of the pillars. 


            Here is the way to have a great day:


        When you are in the restroom where the teacher isnít watching, you still obey all the rules.  You are expressing the pillar of trustworthiness.  A trustworthy person has the courage to do the right thing even when no one is watching.


        Pick up the papers that you drop on the floor and throw them away.  You will be showing the pillar of respect.  Bending over and picking up what you drop in the school building or on the playground shows respect for school property.  It also shows respect for the janitors who have to do it if you didnít.


        Do your homework without being reminded and do it the best way you know how.  You will be demonstrating the pillar of responsibility.  When you get home from school, get a healthy snack and sit down and concentrate on getting your science questions at the end of the chapter finished.  Go back and reread if you canít remember the answers.  Write neatly.


        Play by the rules and take turns when you are playing kickball on the playground at recess.  You will be displaying the pillar of fairness.  Playing by the rules and taking turns works in almost any playground game.


        Help a friend when they need help.  You will be practicing the pillar of caring.  Say ďhi!Ē to someone, help them pick up the things they dropped, and smile at someone.


        Volunteer to help someone complete a task.  You will be modeling the pillar of citizenship.  Help the teacher pick up the books that he/she dropped.  Stay in for recess when the teacher asks for a volunteer to stay in and help a fellow student make up some missed work.


If you had a CHARACTER COUNTS! Day, pat yourself on the back.