This coalition is a nationwide initiative to support nonpartisan character education. CHARACTER COUNTS! is based on the shared beliefs and consensus values of Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility Fairness, Caring and Citizenship.  This is the character education initiative that I promote. At their web site , you will find numerous resources on how to begin a CHARACTER COUNTS initiative in your school or community.

Dr. Mike Thomson is an active educator and author who specializes in live, humorous motivational presentations and workshops for people of all ages. He is the perfect choice of a highly interactive and energizing keynote speech, in-service program, student assembly, evening program for parents… or to conduct a content-packed, note-taking half or full-day seminar. He is the author of “Who’s Raising Whom? Strategies for Saving Your Sanity”, “Getting Parents Off Your Back and On Your Side”, and in most recent book, “Strategies for Saving Your Sanity in Parenthood.” 

Life coaching can benefit people of all ages, including kids facing everyday issues. This web site has excellent resources on bullying prevention, dealing with stress, lack of self-esteem and how to form friendships. This site suggested by the students in Ms. Donna Knowlten's class.

A curriculum unit for grades 7-12 which teaches the rights, responsibilities and civic values of U.S. citizenship, and includes a group project in which students research and develop a solution for a real problem in their community. This site has information on civic values, an excellent presentation on service learning activities for middle and high school students, a free service learning guide and many links to other sites related to service learning.

This web site is based around common themes that make us Americans and as presented in a series of related episodes on Public Television dealing with freedom, responsibility and participation. The series, along with activities and lessons, has been used in more than 20,000 classrooms nationwide to provide lessons in government, civics and history. Sponsored by Farmers Insurance, it includes sample lesson plans for government, U.S. History, Social Studies, Civics, Economics, Law, World History and Service Learning.

The Center specializes in civic/citizenship education, law-related education, and international educational exchange programs for developing democracies. Included are programs on the history and principles of American constitutional democracy for elementary, middle and high school; a middle school civic education program; and other programs addressing school violence and democracy. The National Standards for Civics and Government can be found here as well. The site has curriculum materials, sample lesson plans and related children's literature bibliographies as well as a comprehensive on-line catalog, a good listing of available papers and articles on civic education and a wonderful annotated list of internet resources.

This site, directed by Thomas Lickona, provides information on his Center at the State University of New York at Cortland. The Center serves as a resource for character education, disseminating articles on character education, publishing newsletters, and holding annual conferences. The site contains the Center's newsletters, Dr. Lickona's 12-point Comprehensive Approach to Character Education, the School as a Caring Community Profile, other articles and opinion papers and a listing of links, books and other resources.

Children's curriculum's using puppets on character issues like:

Bullying Prevention (Bully Busters)
Self Esteem (Barnyard Buddies)
Life and Refusal skills (The Bug Club)
Anger Management (Prehistoric Pals)
Tobacco Prevention (Tobacco Tales)
Alternatives to Violence, Vandalism, Victimization (Victory over the 3 V's)

The Character Education Network is a place for students, teachers, schools and communities to facilitate character education. This site is dedicated to providing quality online, ready-to-use curriculum, activities and resources that integrate with and enhance the classroom experience. It allows schools and students to network together by sharing ideas and experiences with others in their community and nationwide.

Character First! Education is one of three branches of the Character Training Institute (CTI), a non-profit organization based in Oklahoma City, Ok. With 45 character qualities at its center, Character First! Education provides training and resources to promote character development in individuals from all walks of life.

Written and developed for teachers by teachers, characterworks! provides quick and easy lesson plans and ideas to make character education work for elementary and secondary schools. This curriculum is flexible and formatted in a menu style for easy and quick selection based upon grade level abilities.

Civnet, published by CIVITAS, is “a web site for civic education practitioners (teachers, teacher trainers, curriculum designers), as well as scholars, policymakers, ...promoting civil society all over the world.” The site provides a vast library of civics teaching resources, lesson plans, discourses on civil society, information on organizations and programs, historical documents, and an excellent list of annotated links to national and international sites that promote civic awareness and democracy.

Is a middle school program primarily addressing destructive attitudes that lead to early sexual involvement, teen pregnancy, substance abuse and dropping out of school. The Community of Caring program supports students as they develop positive attitudes through a focus on five values: caring, respect, trust, responsibility, and family. The site contains information on these five values, the school program and corresponding research, and a list of related character education and service learning links.

The Constitutional Rights Foundation is dedicated "to educating America's young people about the importance of participation in a democratic society." Amongst other publications, the Constitutional Rights Foundation publishes a wide variety of information for teachers including civic participation materials.

Is a non-profit literature project devoted to spreading the word about people who "stick their necks out for the common good". Its various programs include The Giraffe Heroes Program, a story-based curriculum that teaches “courage, compassion and active citizenship”; the Giraffe Heroes Training Program; and a variety of public information and awareness programs.

GoodCharacter.com offers free character education resources for K-12 teachers, coaches, and youth group leaders, all organized by topic and grade level. You'll find curriculum materials, discussion questions, writing assignments, group learning activities, opportunities for student action and lots of teacher support material.

The Heartwood Institute is a non-profit educational organization whose mission is to promote the understanding and practice of ethical values that are the foundation of community among all people, with particular emphasis on children and families. Heartwood offers pre-K and elementary ethics curriculums that use multi- cultural literature to help children understand seven universal attributes: Courage, Loyalty, Justice, Respect, Hope, Honesty, and Love.

This organization has available curriculum materials for middle schools and high schools, and much more. The Institute is a nonsectarian, global research and educational organization which “supports public discourse and practical action around significant ethical issues”.

The International Center for Character Education (ICCE), housed at the University of San Diego, has as its purpose to “enable school personnel, parents, teacher educators, faith community members...to come together to study, discuss...the character education of children and youth.” The ICCE offers the only Certificate and MA programs in Character Education.

LiveWireMedia.com offers a selection of classroom videos for character education, violence prevention, conflict resolution, and guidance. Created for grades K-12, these videos help young people become caring, respectful, responsible people who think critically, solve problems non-violently, and make choices based on what's right.

Operation Respect is a non-profit organization working to transform schools, camps and organizations focused on children and youth, into more compassionate, safe and respectful environments. Founded by Peter Yarrow of the folk group Peter, Paul & Mary, the organization disseminates educational resources that are designed to establish a climate that reduces the emotional and physical cruelty some children inflict upon each other by behaviors such as ridicule, bullying and-in extreme cases-violence. It is a unique organization that provides a gateway to broad scale adoption of school-based character education as well as social and emotional learning programs.

A for-profit organization which is “committed to providing schools with Character Education materials that encourage students to reflect” on values and their application. The centerpiece of the program is a collection of thought-provoking messages to be read over the PA system. The program also includes a reproducible set of weekly themes, weekly journals, classroom discussion guides and a booklet of quotations for the classroom. 

Utah was one of the first states funded under the U.S. Department of Education's Character Education Partnership Grants. This web site describes the history of the project, its progress over two years, curriculum plans, evaluation of progress thus far, lesson plans, the theory and history of character education, and links to other related sites.

WiseSkills is an innovative, interdisciplinary K-12 character education program that builds character by highlighting the words and lives of positive role models. Materials integrate easily into academic subject areas. The web site includes a variety of sample pages and free lesson ideas and reproducibles.

This is a nonpartisan coalition of organizations and individuals dedicated to developing moral character and civic virtue in our nation's youth as one means of creating a more compassionate and responsible society.

The California University  Character Education  Institute opened in January 1995, in response to a report from the Pennsylvania State System of Higher  Education  urging the systems universities to give increased attention to values during the 1990s.

Character Critters is a character education program developed by the LSU AgCenter for preschooland kindergarten children and their parents featuring six character story concepts: responsibility, respect, citizenship,trustworthiness, caring, and fairness.

The Character Education Institute (CEI) has developed a curriculum for kindergarten through the ninth grade which seeks to develop responsible citizens. Now taught in 50,000 classrooms across the country.

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